• Water Stewardship & Market Assessment

    Your organization cares about the blue and green globe we live on. Sustainable practices related to land and water management are high on your priority list. Just as important is the intrinsic tie of our limited water resources to economic growth.

    Navigating the water environment can be confusing. The ever-changing regulations and reporting requirements create ongoing challenges for organizations that are trying to develop a strategic water plan. Research and market assessment require a specialized understanding of both environmental and financial issues. Blue World Insight was developed to meet that specialized need.



    Why Blue World Insight?

    Blue World Insight is based in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes. A view from the sky shows a patchwork of blue lakes and rivers surrounded by the green of forests and farms. Our commitment to water stewardship and green sustainability comes from the personal passion of our founder, Barry Hofer.


    Barry has combined his decades of experience as a financial leader in multiple industries with his commitment to preserving our natural resources. As a Credentialed AWS Professional, Barry brings a high level of expertise to his consulting clients in the water sector.


    Water Management Services

    • Water stewardship assessment
    • Water stewardship strategy and plan development
    • Reporting and disclosures
    • Market analysis
    • Competitor benchmarking
    • Freelance research


    Blue World Insight is proud to be a professional member of The Water Council.

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