• What Do We Do?

  • Financial Planning & Analysis Consulting

    Are you a small enterprise without experienced financial planning & analysis staff? Are you a larger organization with a streamlined finance and accounting staff without discretionary time to properly address a critical ad hoc issue or project? We have the experience and expertise to help supplement your existing staff and solve your problems. We provide extensive financial planning & analysis services, including the following:​


    • Budgeting
    • Forecasting
    • Long-range financial plan development
    • Capital planning
    • KPI Development
    • Performance Analysis
    • Finance leadership for special projects


  • Market Assessment Services

    In Minnesota, where we are based, water is seemingly everywhere. However, many organizations are coming to realize, that beneath those clear blue waters are developing issues. Companies and communities are realizing that they face current or developing water challenges on many fronts. We help organizations understand the water market landscape, where their company fits in, and their options for developing a water stewardship plan to mitigate future challenges and place the company in good standing as an environmental citizen. Areas we can help assess and provide guidance include:


    • Regulatory environment
    • Reporting & Disclosures
    • Market analysis and benchmarking
    • Water stewardship plan development
    Freelance research


  • Blue World Insight, LLC



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