• Financial Planning & Analysis Consulting

    Are you a small enterprise without experienced financial planning & analysis staff?


    Are you a larger organization with a critical ad hoc project, but your finance or accounting department is already stretched in their time commitments?


    It doesn’t make sense to hire more employees based off of temporary or part-time needs. Finding a person with the experience and quality you need can take months.


    In these situations, hiring an independent financial consultant is the perfect solution.


    You get a high level of financial experience and expertise immediately available to supplement your existing staff and solve your problems. Blue World Insight offers extensive financial planning & analysis services, including the following:​

    • Budgeting
    • Forecasting
    • Long-range financial plan development
    • Capital planning
    • KPI Development
    • Performance Analysis
    • Finance leadership for special projects


    Whether your business is growing or struggling, a seasoned financial advisor can help you over the hurdle. For an outside perspective, backed by years of experience across many industries, contact Blue World Insight

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